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WiscList (Advanced) - Creating a Welcome Message

A "hello" document can be configured for a WiscList mailing list, which is sent out to new members when they join.

WiscList Admin is now the primary method for managing email lists.

Log into the WiscList Admin interface at

If you still need to access the old interface you can do so by following these instructions: WiscList - Advanced List Management (ListManager).

WiscList KB Documents:

NOTE: This document only applies to members who subscribe themselves to the list. The hello document is not sent to members who have been added manually by list administrators.

Step 1 - Create Hello Document

  1. Log into the WiscList ListManager interface. (See: WiscList - Advanced List Management (ListManager))

  2. Verify the list you want to work with is selected. (See: WiscList (Advanced) - Working with Multiple Lists)

  3. Click the Utilities button on the left side of the interface to open the Utilities submenu.


  4. Highlight Automated Messages, then click Document Content.


  5. In the Document Content window, click Create New.


  6. You will now be presented with the Create New Content window. Here, you compose the message that will be sent to members when they join the list.


    1. In the Essentials tab, enter the Content Name and Description. These are used internally to identify the document. List members will not see this information.

    2. Enter a name and e-mail address in the From: box. This will be displayed in the recipient's e-mail client as the sender of the message.

    3. Leave the To: box set as %%nameemail%%.

    4. Enter a subject for the e-mail message in the Subject box.

    5. Click the Text Message tab to compose the welcome message in plain text.

    6. Optional: Click the HTML Message tab to compose the welcome message in HTML / Rich Text. If you compose an HTML message, it is highly recommended that you also compose a plain text alternative in the Text Message tab for users who cannot display HTML in their e-mail clients. To make it easy, you can click the HTML to Text button in the Test Message tab to convert your HTML content into plain text.

  7. Click Save to save your document.

Step 2 - Associate Document as "Hello" Document

  1. Highlight Automated Messages, then click Document Associations.


  2. In the Document Associations window, click Create New.


  3. In the New Document Association window, set Message Type to List Hello Document.


  4. Under Document, select the document content you just created.

  5. Set Default? to yes.

  6. Click Save to save the document association.

Your list is now configured with a hello document. Members will receive an e-mail containing the content you just created when they subscribe to your list. NOTE: Members will NOT receive a welcome document if you manually add them to the list.

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